Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Didn't Get To Go Today:(

Well I wanted to get to Curves today to get another work out in. But I didn't. They closed early.

Last night was Nicolas's birthday party so there was yummy taco pizza and ice cream cake. I had 3 pieces of izza and one piece of cake.

One good thing I did wa a sent the rest of the cak to Jim's work so he and his co-workers oculd eat it instead of me. Because believe me I would have inhaled it!!!!

And then tonight is our NewYears party at the church and there is ALWAYS lots of good food but bad for you kinda stuff!!! Anyway hopefully I can just get through today and tonght and then start to focus on getting this weight off.

The good thing is, is that, it's the new year, Everybody wantes to lose weight. SO all the healthy food items and equiptment go on sale and at least I have a fare chance at doing it!!

Thank You Bev!!

I just want to say Thank You to Bev over at Christian HomeKeeper for making me a siggy. It's is so cute, Thanks!!!

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Just Trying Something Out

Click Here To Check Out Curves

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Joined!!! :)

Well I went to Curves today to talk to the owners and they were able to work something out with me. I paid for 6 months up front and then when I get my income tax I will pay for the other 6 months. Oh and worked out for 30 min!! Yay!

My husband is also ecited for me. He said that if I don't make it there during the day that I can go at night when he gets home.

Now I just really need to work on the eating part of this diet and I am sure I will see the pounds starting to shed!!!

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Went Today

Well I went to Curves today for the first time and let me tell you, it was great!!! You do each machine for like 3 seconds, so even if you are doing a hard one you know it will be over soon;) It also does all your strength training too!! You get cardio and strength all in 30 min. I love it!!! And they have this streching station that awesome, I think it streches EVERY muscle!!

Now the bad news, Even with all the discounts I still don't think I can afford it. You can pay monthly but it's more expensive and to pay up front for the year, well, let's just say, it's a chunk of change out of your pocket.

It really stinks to because it has so much to offer. Besides just the machines they have smart cards programmed just for you. You put them in each machine and it tells you if you are doing the machine right. At the end you put your card in a computer and lets you know overall how wellyou did ad what aeas you need to work on.

I really want to do this but unless the money fairy drops off an envelope on my front step, I just don't see it happening.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Curves Yay!!!

Well I have good news. A went to visit a friend of mine the other night. We used to live right across the street from each other and now wee see each other once every couple of months.

Anyway, I told her I joined SparkPeople again and that I really wanted to lose some of this weight and she told me that her mom bought a Curves. I'm like oh, your mom bought a curves membership, that's great. And she was like no, My mom bought an actual Curves. I'm like, You mean she has employees? LoL

Anyway she know our money is tight and I cannot afford a monthly membership and she told me to start coming to curves with her and we could work out the money thing!! I was so excited. Curves is an ALL women work out place that you do 30 min of circuit training at a time. I am going for the first time tomorrow and I can't wait!! I hope I last 30 min!! LoL
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is DEFINITLEY here!!!

So I will just jump right on in, I made 14 dozen cookie yesterday. Half sugar cookies with icing and half russian tea cakes. YUM!!

Well there goes the diet this week. I already sent 3 dozen to my husbands work and I have about 3 dozen ready to go to my sister-in-laws but let me tell you, I had cookies for breakfast.

I am not panning on bringing ANY leftovers home from Christmas dinner but I am making a lot to brink with me. We also do a Christmas Eve dinner at my husbands grandma's, so that's 2 big dinners in a row and the family LOVES junk food!!!

Maybe can get on the treadmill today. My back is KILLING me from all the baking. Oh, I also baked 2 pumpkin rolls today. And I finished wrapping all the presents:)

So all I really want to do is rest but you never know, I might surprise myself and get on it anyway:)

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Still Here

Cheer me along today as I really do not fee like exercising, It has nothing to do with the fact that it's only 2 degrees outside and I feel like curling up with a latte and a good book, and oh, maybe some cookies;)

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Weigh-In Friday

Woo Hoo,You saw it here first, I am now 175, Thats 2 pounds gone!!!

I started December 8th, almost 2 weeks ago and I still am not eating to well, so I was VERY happy with this progress.

I woke up this mornin with a migraine so I do not htink I will be doing the treadmill this morning.
If I am feeling better in the afternoon, I might give it a try.

Hopefully I can stay on the ball this weekend and keep on losing!!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Bloggy

Well, I did 10 min again on the treadmill, maybe net week I can bump it up to 12 min?
Hmmmm I will definitely have to try. Did I mention that my treadmill is also on a little incline? That's because it's in my basement and it's on cement and the cement is not even, so I am not sure how much of an incline but I can feel ii in the back of my legs!!

Tomorrow is my weigh in day but I am not sure how it will go. I am 177, can I maybe see 176?

I haven't been eating bad but I haven't been eating good either. And I have been drinking more water but definitely not 8 cups a day. I probably at least doubled my water intake from the beginning. I guess I didn't drink water at all!!!

I do drink coffee in the a.m's which I will never stop, I only have 1 -2 cups and and I usually don't even finish that!!

And maybe once or....ok twice a week I will visit Starbucks but I ALWAYS get my drinks with non- fat milk and sugar-free syrup so even if I get a large, it's still under 200 calories.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I walked on my treadmill for 10 min again today!!! It still kicked my butt, I have such a long way to go. But consistency is the key and I am ready for the challenge!!

I used to walk for about 40 min at a time, I have a lot to work back up to but once again, I am excited for doing it 2 days in a row!!

SparkPeople and this blog are really really helping me!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yes, I did It!!!!

I did 10 min on my treadmill today at 3.0, that's a 20 min mile. So I did half a mile, and let me tell you, it kicked my butt!!!

I know, that's pathetic but that's all I got because I let myself go.

Someday soon hopefully I will get up to 1 mile!! LoL

Today is, well, Today:)

I know I am not doing good at "dieting" today but I haven't eaten too bad. I had t go get blood drawn this morning and they took 12 viles, I know, it's a lot. i guess there checking for everything. Well anyway I had to fast for it, which means I could not have anything to eat or drink this morning.

So I was not feeling to well on the way so I stopped and got a cup of coffee and a muffin from Dunkin Donuts. The muffin was probably really high in calories but i needed something and it seemed better than fast food.

Now that was all I had this morning so I guess as long as I stay on track the rest of the day I will be ok.

I really need to get in at least 10 min of exericse today. That is what I am starting with 10 min of exericse a day, until I establish a routine.

So if you are reading this, give me a little push:)

Monday, December 15, 2008

I Started

I started SparkPeople again. This is a free weight loss website. They give you a free personalized plan. They have free tools, and a great community of people to help support you on your way.

The first time I joined was in March of 07. I lost 20 pounds within that year but since than I just lost interest. So I figured I would start completely over. I have a new SPARKPAGE and a new name and everything. I am chocoholic1611. I bet you can figure out why.

Click on the links and check them out. Who knows, maybe we can be Spark Buddies?

There's No Point......... trying to lose weight in December!!! I know, we have been over this. Cookies, Cakes, Fudge, Candy and so much more!! Everywhere I turn someone is shoving chocolate down my throat!!! And to top it off my husband let me buy a bag of Lindt Lidor Extra Dark Truffles!!!

I hope you all can catch my sarcasm. Lets just say, I definitely did not lose any weight this week. I will be happy if I didn't gain any!!

I am going to try to have a better week this week and get on my naughty scale on Friday.

It's funny at how when I am actually eating healthy drinking water and exersicing I can't seem to stay off of my scale in hopes that it has gone down even a quarter of a pound, BUT, When I am doing oh, so bad I am very VERY scared of the scale. We have a Love/Hate relationship, a can't live with it, Can't live without it thing going on.

Anyway, if you have some motivation, pass some my way!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ok, Theres A Lot Going On

So I will try to make a long story short,

Iwent to the neurologists yesterday for my migraines. He decided that I have Chronic Migraines, I already knew that, so his next step was to see what causes them. SO through 1/2 hour of questioning and about 8 pages of paper work, he decided that I show signs of adult ADHD, And for the record I do not believe in ADHD. So theres part 1.

Then he asks me what I think my goal weight should be, mind you I didn't even tell him I wanted to lose weight, I said 160. So he did some calculating on his pda and comes back with, no, I think you need to be 136!! Ok, now I am on the floor laughing telling him, in your dreams!!!

So then he tells me he can give me a medication to fix my ADHD and my weight, he calls it a stimulant, I call it speed. He tried to sell me on it by telling me that when I wake up I can take a pill and it will help me to do all the things that i have to do and I will have all the energy I need and the plus is, is that i will lose lots and lots of weight.

So anyway I left there feeling way more depressed than when I started. I am now crazy and fat!!!

But just to ease everyones minds, I am not taking any drugs!!!

One thing I do know, is that I do need to lose some weight as this will help with fatigue and headaches. So I think I will stick to the old fashioned way of doing things. Yes, diet and exericse!!

Oh and let me tell you, my legs are KILLING me form yesterday!! Dancing With The Stars kicked my butt!!

As for today's exercise, I cleaned my sister-in-laws house. I do that every other week and it's straight cleaning for like 2-3 hours!! SoI am done for today.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's 11:07am

I think I like starting my posts off with a time. I can't think of any other title!! LoL

Well I made 2 new Christmas snacks today with the kids so I sampled them. Snowflake Popcorn and Cheerio Christmas tress. Yummy!! I will TRY not to sample any more today because......................................................................... I EXERCISED!!!!

I used my new Dancing With The Stars dvd and let me tell you, it's not easy to follow or understand so don't use it. There are 4 dances and I got through he warm up and 2 dances. I just made up my own moves when I couldn't follow along.

The kids also did it with me and Rebekah said that she wished she was in an exercise video so all her friends could watch!! How cute!!

Well, I did my part, I exercised, now if only I wouldn't ruin it by stuffing my face.......

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Its 10:20am

Good Morning!!!

As you have read it's almost 10:30am and I have not exercised but I will let you in on wahat I have done.

1. I have fed the kids breakfast and got them all dressed.

The girls got 2 used dressers last night so I put all of there clothes away, nicely ;), I did have all of their clothes crammed into one dresser.

2. I moved Nicolas's clothes into the girls Old dresser, his was so tiny, the clothes were just crammed in there.

3. I re-decorated our Christmas tree that we decorated last night, the one that Nicolas took upon himself to take all the candy canes off and break them, and Savannah decided to do a little re-decorating herself.

4. I showered, because I have a 12:30 appointment with the dentist.

5. Oh, I did eat a banana, 1 cookie, couldn't resist, and a cup of coffee for breakfast

So, what I am getting at is I dont know if I will formally exercise this morning or not. If not, I will try to do my best not to eat anything that has Empty calories.

Junk food is literally my worst enemy. I used to push myself to do my exericse video or go to the gym and then i would com home and eat all of my workout away. It's awful, my motto always was, "Who needs Drugs or Alcohol when there is Chocolate?"

Now do you see my problem. I have no problem staying active but my eating is killing me!!!

I was down to 173 the week of ThanksGiving and now I am back up to 177!!
This is why I am starting this in December. I don't want to gain another 5 pounds!!!

If I could only really remember and keep at the front of mind how happy I was last year when I was 163 pounds, I could get there again.

I truly was happier when I was losing weight, I think it was a combination of eating better, drinking water, exercising, oh and watching the scale go down!!!

Well that's all for now, I am sure I will be writing a lot of needless rambling posts, but it helps me to keep my focus.

Monday, December 8, 2008

My First Post

I wanted to start this blog because I am trying to lose my baby weight. now I know, my youngest is about to be 2!!! I never really cared about my weight, until now.

So I guess I will give you my stats, that way you can help hold me accountable.

Currant Weight 177
Goal Weight 150
27 pounds till goal

I would like to lose around 2 pounds a week, which is healthy but to get through December, you know what I mean, will just try to be 175 by the end of the month. December is a hard month for dieting but I don't want to keep putting it off.

My Plan:

Exercise at lease 3 times a week for 15min. I know this is not a lot but it's more than I do now.
Stay around or under 2000 calories a day
Drink 8 cups of water a day. (I used to do this one, it was easy when I lived in Az, it was HOT)

I had a hysterectomy in August so I know I am done having babies. I am now ready to work on my weight loss.

I used a web site called Sparkpeople and I lost about 20 pounds but now I have almost gained it all back. I feel like if I keep this blog, I can some accountability on my journey and I can through out a couple of tips.

So I will be posting pictures through out, I will keep them modest so you might not always see a change, but I will.

So just bare with me until I get this blog how I want it and we can get started.


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