Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Losing Weight!!!

Well, I am down to 170!!! Oh, it's been so long since I have been 170........

For those of you who do not know, I started a job!!!! I am cleaning houses with an old friend of mine who started her own business years ago. I used to clean with her before I got my STNA License and had babies.

She needed full-time help and I needed a job so it worked out!!! I work Tuesday-Friday and some Mondays.

This is some seriously hard work. We clean anywhere from 4-7 hours a day depending on how many houses we have that day. And there really is no time for eating unless it is a cereal bar or a poptart in between jobs. And by the evening I am to pooped to even eat anything.

Now don't get me wrong, I do eat a light dinner and a snack but the weight is just dropping off right now.

I started last Tuesday and my weight was between 176-177 and only 1 week later, I am 170!!!!

I know I prolly won't continue to lose weight so fast but I sure do like it now.

So I guess I will be buying some more clothes or having them taken in!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello (Hello, Hello, Hello) That was an Echo:)

Because I havn't wrote on this blog in so long I am not sure if anyone is still here!!!! So if it takes awhile to get any comment love, I understand:)

I am now right at 175 and I am not sure what to do. You see, I just accumulated a lot of very nice clothing throughout this past year. Lots and lots of very cute skirts and shirts.

I am afraid of losing weight now. I don't want to grow out of my skirts. I mean I did pay $40.00 a pop for them and I have about 6. Thats a lot of money from where I from. I mean I think I could get them taken in, but would that make them look or fit funny?!?!

I would love to drop about 15 pounds for summer. My shirts would still fit fine, maybe a little baggy but I like them that. It's just my skirts that won't. Also it will cost me about $15.00 each to get them taken in. What do you think I should do? I really want some input here.

And if I do decide to drop the 15 pounds, I am going to need all of the support I can get because I have a SWEET TOOTH!!!!

So drop me some comments and let me know what you all think!!!!

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