Friday, January 23, 2009

I Need Some Help

I am looking for some Low-Fat Granola that you can buy at the store. I do not want to make my own. So any brands or stores that you know of, please let me know!!


P.S I am wanting to make those fruit & yogurt parfaits that you get at McDonalds.


Lacy said...

Hi...Just found your blog from Diary of a Hungry Mom and cant wait to read past posts. I have had a hard time finding low fat granola, but you can use honey bunches of oats in the parfaits and it is great. Also Quacker Oatmeal squares might work, but you may have to crumble them. The Honey Bunches of oats is probably your best bet that I know. Ill keep my eye out.

Stesha said...

Sorry I can't help with the bars, but I love your blog.

Dear Abbi said...

You can do it, Amy! Keep up the good work!

Glad to hear that Jeff is home. I love those wedge heels by the way. :) Happy Saturday!

LittlePeopleWealth said...

Try a local health food store - they usually have a ton to choose from!

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