Saturday, February 14, 2009

You See That Widget On My Side Bar?

You know, the one that says next weigh-in? I may just have to skip this weigh in. Talk about a BAD week, although it was a YUMMY week. I am not even going near that thing because I know what it;s going to say. It's going to say, "Amy, LAY OFF THE CHOCOLATE!!!!, Now get off of me, your heavy!"

I really do struggle with this weight loss thing because I do not dislike my body image as is. I mean my husband loves me just the way that I am. I would be helpful if he would just tell me how fat and unhealthy I look sometimes, but he won't. No, i'm just joking, He really is happy with how I am.

Anyway, what was I saying?...................Oh, yea, it's just hard for me to keep motivated. The only true motivating thing is, is that I feel sick top my stomach when i eat too much or the wring things.

For instance, I hate how I feel right now, bloated, tired and just plain old run down. I had like 5 pieces of chocolate for breakfast, Yea, I'll never do that again!!

Anyway, I am not sure if I will weigh-in or not but I will definitely keep you guys posted!!

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Bev said...

Don't you stop! We can do this and I'm getting back to it this week and doing good so far today. You can do it!! :)

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